The Best All-In-One Marketing Machine Built For Small Business!



Professionally Designed Funnels, Pre-Written Emails, Scheduled Text Messages, Sales Pipelines, Automations, & more!

Everything you need to generate & follow up with your leads, referral partners, and past clients all imported into your account!

“This Rainmakr CRM System is the best thing I have seen in a while. I have been getting at least one new client a week.” – Larry C.

1. Instant Account Setup

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2. Unlock Training Libraries

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3. Upload Leads & Assign to Campaigns

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Hear From Our Clients

“The unlimited funnels and unlimited contacts made it so I was able to fire my agency and monthly subscriptions to multiple services I no longer need. I saved myself $6,000 a year!” – Colby

“Great platform for effective marketing and excellent support if you’re not a techie guy/gal. They go out of their way to help, support, and coach you to be successful in your business. Highly recommended platform!!!” – Glenn

”Excellent and fast customer service. The Prospect Manager Pro System software is great, and so easy to use. Definitely recommend!” – Tobin

David Doe

Simple Company

Free Marketing Material Available For All Rainmakr CRM Users!

We provide free, complete marketing material to import into your new Rainmakr CRM Account!

Powerful Enough to be Your Business in a Box…

Rainmakr CRM System is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to generate leads, manage marketing and communication with potential clients, and most importantly close sales. It’s by far the most user-friendly and effective CRM I’ve used since I started my first business in 2010. It’s the perfect system whether you’re just beginning to use a CRM or have been using one for decades” - Justin

…or Built to Complement What You’re Using

The Rainmakr CRM System can talk to your existing website so that your leads can be organized, emailed, texted, and even called (with a ringless voicemail) so that you can focus on the tasks that need your attention. Our platform works with Zapier, and we’ve even got an API that empowers you to “plug into” what you’re using now and use all of the tools available within Rainmakr CRM System.

Look At All That The Rainmakr CRM System Can Do!

All Features Unlocked, Immediately Available:


  • Send bulk emails to all of your leads or by specific tags
  • Send a bulk text messages to all of your leads or by specific tags
  • The voicemail drop feature allows you to send a voicemail to all of your leads, or a specific segment of your list
  • Create a multi-step, omni-channel email, text, & voicemail campaign
  • Add contacts in bulk to your email and text campaigns
  • Drip campaigns out as long as you want with our advanced "wait" feature
  • Send time specific appointment reminders by email/text to remind about upcoming appointment


  • Our “Hot Transfer” technology can call you instantly when you get an online lead
  • Schedule appointments with internal scheduler
  • Power Dialer included! YES, you can patch in third parties on your calls
  • All calls made from the platform can be recorded
  • Add assistants to your account
  • Integrate with Facebook's "Lead Forms" when running campaigns to automatically receive your leads


  • Remove contacts from campaigns when they schedule an appointment
  • Get live reports from your Facebook ads account
  • Send happy clients a request for a review
  • Click-to-call functionality from mobile website (track the call)
  • Send a follow-up text if they don’t respond to your first message
  • Automations allow you to free up time and stop performing manual tasks over & over


  • Build funnels that capture leads (no limit to number of funnels in your account)
  • Embed your booking calendar on your funnel to make it easy for clients to schedule consultations
  • Import funnels from your ClickFunnels account with a click
  • Track all pages your leads visit so that you know what they’re interested in
  • Free templates are included so you don't have to start from scratch & can make a few easy edits


Here's Why You NEED the RainmakrCRM Marketing Machine For Your Business

Harvard Business Review

"By automating tasks and providing real-time data, with artificial intelligence (AI)–powered automation supporting a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, these teams can perform at once-unattainable levels of efficiency and growth."

Forbes Magazine

"CRM enables you to gain a deep understanding of your customers and prospects, build an intimate relationship with them and provide them with outstanding service. CRM also provides you with the insights you need to make data-driven decisions and tools to optimize forecasting tasks, a bounty of sales, marketing, customer support workflow automation and more."

Entrepreneur Magazine

"In today's digital world, automation has become one of the most important tools for business owners and marketers. Automating your tasks can save you hours of work every week and allow you to focus on higher-level activities that are more critical to your business success."


  • Does Rainmakr CRM have a mobile app?

  • Yes! It is available for both Apple & Android users.

  • Does Rainmakr CRM have a Zapier app?

  • Yes! We have a private Zapier app and training on how to use it! Zapier is the link between Rainmakr CRM and thousands of apps out there on Zapier (RingCentral, Mojo, PhoneBurner are all on Zapier)

  • How much is the signup fee?

  • There is no signup fee.

  • I’m not tech-savvy, can you help me get everything set up?

  • Yes! We are here to get you all set up. We have live zoom calls, email support, & onboarding calls... all included!


All for less than hiring one person.

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